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Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention UK

Use Our Products for Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

It seems as though catalytic converter theft is on the rise, which is why you need some serious catalytic converter theft prevention. At CatStrap UK, our catalytic converter anti theft device turns a normal, quick theft into a struggle that overwhelms thieves until they eventually give up. Visit our website to find the perfect catalytic converter anti theft device for your vehicle. Our unique CatStrap™ device is a high-temperature trap that runs the length of your vehicle from the exhaust to the converter. The heat-activated adhesive strip forms a super-strong, tight bond to your exhaust system to help prevent removal.

The special exhaust clamps are also used to ensure a tight bond and additional strength and support. Many times, thieves will instantly move on as soon as they see the bright orange surface and yellow warning label of our effective CatStrap™. Even if the thief has a battery-operated saw, the CatStrap turns what would otherwise be a quick and easy one-minute job into a very difficult operation that requires a lot more strength, time, and multiple blades to get the job done.

With four layers of various metals, the CatStrap™ is one highly effective form of catalytic converter theft prevention. The thief must be able to cut through the strap four different times, and it would require more than one blade to get it done. The custom-hardened cutting blade steel inside of the strap dulls the teeth of the saw blade and is 4.5 times harder than stainless steel. It also features three heavy-duty aircraft-grade steel cables that no saw blade can grip. Add on the bright orange color, and thieves will instantly know that your catalytic converter is protected by the famous CatStrap product. The built-in adhesive bonds to your vehicle’s exhaust, which helps to keep you from being an easy target for thieves and criminals.

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