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Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Kits UK

Protect Your Catalytic Converter with Our Products

It’s no secret that thieves today are eyeing your vehicle’s catalytic converter. With the physical-lock CatStrap and the sonic barrier alarm, your catalytic converter will be fully protected. The CatStrap forms a tough cutting barrier to create a theft deterrent so you can have peace of mind. The special design turns a normal one-minute theft into a struggle that eventually overwhelms and frustrates these criminals. Our universal design is flexible and low-profile and works with all cars, trucks, and RVs. Add the sonic barrier alarm for an additional layer of catalytic converter protection.

The Smart Sensor detects human activity and then activates a super-loud, 130 dB siren with an ear-piercing noise that will alert neighbors and drive thieves away. Use it with the CatStrap to let people near you know that thieves are nearby. With our products, you can protect your investment, keep your car and neighborhood safe, and sleep soundly knowing that thieves will turn elsewhere to commit their crimes.

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