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The Cateye is very simple to install.  Just follow the following guidlines

 1.   Attach the controller box to the front firewall area by using screws to mount it in place, through the pre-drilled holes in the alarm box. 

 2.   Route the sensor cable down to the underside of the vehicle behind the engine.  Take care not           to pin the heat-protected cable against any hot surface.  Mount the sensor securely to a location where it points toward the converter using screws mount it in place through the pre-drilled holes in the sensor box. We typically recommend placing it on the rear firewall. There are many options depending on the vehicle.  It is best to mount the sensor in a       location that is even with,  or above the converter.      See photos below for examples of suitable locations.


 3.   Attach the leads from the controller box to the car battery.  Red wire to the (+) battery post,                 Black to the  (-)  battery post.   


 4.    Once Installed,  press the "A"  button on the fob to activate the system.  The siren will sound for a fraction of a second and then turn off.  It may take a minute for the system to stabilize. During this brief period, the sensor and siren may not respond to motion. Test the sensor after it has been connected for at least 1 minute to power. 


Controller Location

The controller box can be installed somewhere on the fire wall.  The battery leads are about 3.5 feet long,  that should be enough to reach to the battery.

The reason that the firewall is a preferable location is that the sound will be focused down underneath the car, making for maximum volume level.


Sensor Location

Route the sensor cable from the control box down behind the engine to the bottom of the car.   The sensor can be mounted anywhere within the reach of the cable.  It is important to mount the sensor higher than the catalytic converter.  It is very sensitive and has an extremely wide area of vision.  If its mounted too low, it may activate when someone merely approaches the car.  You may want to experiment a bit with the exact location before you fix it in place.

Note that is small and dark - so its not going to be easily found and disabled by an intruder.

Pointing the sensor directly at the converter or directly down to the ground may cause issues with false alarms. We recommend the sensor be positioned near the front of the vehicle looking from front to back so it can scan the entire underside of the vehicle. Ideally it should be positioned so the majority of its field of view is not obstructed within 12 inches of the "eye".  

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