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Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft In The UK


Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft In The UK




  • Turns a Normal 60sec Theft into a Struggle that Overwhelms Thieves

  • Custom-Hardened Cutting Blade Steel Inside the Catstrap Dulls the Teeth of the Saw Blade: 4.5X Harder than Stainless Steel

  • Three Heavy-Duty Aircraft-Grade Steel Cables the Saw Blade Can't Grip 

  • Bright Orange Color Deters Thieves

  • Built-in Adhesive Bonds to Vehicle Exhaust and  Prevents You from Being an Easy Target

Universal design (low-profile and flexible) works with all Cars, Trucks, and RVs

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SONIC Barrier :                      ALARM

  • Smart Sensor Detects Human Activity and Activates a 130 dB Siren

  • Ear-Piercing Noise Drives Thieves Out from Underneath the Car due to Immediate Discomfort

  • Compliments the Catstrap to Deter Converter Theft and Alert Bystanders an Event is Occurring


Catalytic Converter
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Catstrap UK

*99% success rate over 8 years and 10,000+ installations

The combination of the Catstrap physical barrier and ear-piercing noise of the Cateye alarm drives thieves out before they can cut.

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Catstrap UK
Strip steel + Aircraft Cable Design

Strip steel + Aircraft Cable Design

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See results from a representative cutting test:

The Physical Barrier

The CatStrap™ is encased in a high-temperature strap that runs down the length of your vehicle's exhaust and converter. Features a heat-activated adhesive strip (black-side) that creates a tight bond to the exhaust system to prevent removal. In addition, exhaust clamps are used to ensure a tight bond and provide additional attachment strength. In most cases the mere sight of the Catstrap, with its Bright Orange surface and the yellow warning label results in the best possible result, they "Just Go Away".  
Otherwise, when a thief armed with a battery operated saw attempts to remove your catalytic converter, the Catstrap converts what is normally a 45-60 second theft into an extremely difficult-to-cut operation requiring multiple blades. When installed according to instructions, the thief must successfully cut through the strap not once, but twice, with 4 layers of dissimilar metals. Better bring multiple blades, because one won't last!     
Now in a
 Neon Orange Color
The thief is equipped with a steel cutting blade designed to cut thin wall metal like exhaust pipe tubing. This type of blade is constructed with very small teeth, designed to cut thin pieces of metal and effectively dispose of them. While such a blade can cut through one cable at a time, the same blade is useless when faced with cutting through three parallel aircraft-grade steel cables sliding back-and-forth on a layer of custom-hardened strip steel. The blade can't grip the steel cables properly because they create a moving target.  Our proprietary strip steel is designed for maximum cutting resistance (55 Rockwell-C hardness: 4.5X harder than 304 Stainless Steel). The strip steel is as hard as band saw blade material, causing the blade to overheat and dull.

Once dulled,  the blade becomes useless, requiring multiple blades and large amounts of time.  The thief leaves without your catalytic converter in hand - saving you thousands!

Cateye Logo


Catalytic Converter Anti Theft Device




Control Box & Siren


in the engine compartment

Catalytic Converter lock

The Sonic Barrier Alarm

The Cateye is an intelligent, SMART controller that senses human motion under your vehicle. It activates a 130dB computer-generated multi-pitch siren and then automatically deactivates when they leave.  While it draws attention like a traditional alarm, its additional purpose is to turn the confined space beneath your vehicle into a painful echo-chamber by intensifying the sound levels - forcing the thief out before damage can be done.

New Automatic Option:
Automatically Turns itself On and Off
 De-Arms when engine ON, Re-Arms when engine OFF,
(no need to manually activate)

The Cateye works by using a specialized motion sensor that detects motion under your car. The Cateye is programmed to require 5-15 seconds of "sustained, purposeful movement" to avoid false alarms (e.g., small animals and random debris). It verifies the threat and only then does it activate the alarm. It can "see" from 1 to 20 feet, and has a 140 degree field of view, so it covers the entire area under your car. (Great for protecting your gas tank too.)   And it's easy to install. Just attach leads to the battery.  No wiring work required that can impact your vehicle's electric system.  When activated, it requires virtually no energy - no worries about draining your battery - even after months of no activity.
What's more, the Cateye only activates as long as it senses motion under your car, then automatically turns itself off 10 seconds after the movement is no long detected - no worries of an alarm going on all night.   

The Cateye automatically turns on and off when engine turns off and on  by sensing voltage at your battery.  When the engine is running, voltage high, when engine off, voltage is low.  It includes a remote control fob so that you can disable it.... like when you need to go in for service, oil change.   Gives you complete control, disable it if you want, just press the remote fob button to reactivate
When complimented with the Catstrap, which lengthens what is normally a 45 second operation into an extremely time consuming effort, there is no possible way a human body can endure the siren long enough to complet.e the task of removing your catalytic converter.   

Motion Sensor


under the car, on the rear of the firewall,


from front to back

Catalytic Converter lock
  • Automatically Activates when engine turns off

  • Extra loud, multi-pitch 130 dB Sound Barrier

  • Easy to Install - all wireless

  • No battery drain

  • "Sees" between 1-20 feet in all directions

  • Guards against False Alarms

  • Automatic Turn Off when threat leaves

  • Activate up to 100 meters away

  • Complements the Catstrap

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Additional shipping charges for International Orders

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